City of Mount Vernon Washington

Tucked away in Washington between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., is the picturesque home you’ve been searching for.  Mount Vernon, Washington offers a vibrant community that allows you to flourish in your career, play in the outdoors, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Community Culture and Leadership

With a strategic three year plan in effect, you can expect Mount Vernon to rise to the top of your choices on where to plant your roots.  The strategic plan outlines strengthening neighborhoods with community outreach, providing quality infrastructure, cultivating an environment for development and economic growth, and innovative management involving a quality workforce.  When you’re looking for your next home to grow, Mount Vernon is your choice.

Residents of the community have a great chance to discuss their interests, concerns, and praises of Mount Vernon with an open coffee chat with the mayor.  All Coffee Hours are informal and open to the public, and Mayor Boudreau wants to hear your thoughts on making Mount Vernon a better place to live and work.  Whether you are a business owner, community member, or just a curious neighbor, Mount Vernon gives you a unique opportunity to have direct input into the community.  Coffee Hour dates and times can be found on the Calendar of Events on the Mount Vernon home page.

If you can’t make it out to the Coffee Hours, but want to keep up on the latest happenings in the community, read the latest news from Mayor Jill Boudreau via the “Mayor’s Message” monthly e-newsletter.  It will provide you with up-to-date City of Mount Vernon information, news, and events.  It’s easy to subscribe to the e-newsletter from the Mount Vernon website, which will give you a first-hand look at the future e-newsletters.  If you just want to review the past newsletters, they are available directly from the website with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Technology Infrastructure

Technology is at the fore-front of development in Mount Vernon.  In an effort to meet the demand for more bandwidth at a lower price, Mount Vernon has deployed a backbone Fiber Infrastructure that has the capacity to provide the foundation for business and local economic growth.

This is a large benefit for residents and businesses alike, which will allow you to surf the internet at lightning speeds.  The services and infrastructure were recently covered by the New York Times and the Skagit Valley Herald.  Four separate service providers allow you access to the world via the internet, and it is kept at a low cost to ensure you can always find just what you’re looking for.


Mount Vernon has approximately 35,000 residents, around 2,600 companies, and a median age in the mid-thirties.  This offers a great opportunity to thrive in a vibrant community with a broad economic forecast.  Over 80% of residents are high school graduates or have higher education, and with a median house-hold income of over $52,000, the community offers residents a future they can look forward to.  Veterans are cherished in the community, and they make up around 6% of the city residents.  Services for the community are broad and offer plenty to choose from.

Mount Vernon provides a drug free work place for all City employees. Drug and/or alcohol testing may be required prior to or during employment, and specific information is available in the Drug Free Workplace and Alcohol Testing Policy located within city documents.  They offer Equal Opportunity and do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability status, or any other basis that is prohibited.  Come enjoy a healthy working environment that you can grow, be challenged, and become a leader for positive change.

Benefits of working for the city of Mount Vernon include medical, dental, vision, and a retirement option to save for the future.  Flexible spending accounts are offered as an additional option and supplemental life insurance can be added to ensure you are covered well into the future.

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