Every year, what has been called “the largest motorcycle rally in the Pacific Northwest” takes place in Skagit County and Island County, Washington. Tens of thousands of people flock to this exciting event in groups of motorcycle clubs, families, and friends. This event is the Oyster Run 2019, a motorcycle run that has been happening each year since 1981.

This year marks the 38th Annual Oyster Run. It is sure to be a memorable one, with loads of different forms of entertainment to choose from. Read on to find out what this rally is all about, program information, and what you can expect if you attend!

What Happens At The Oyster Run?

In 1981, “Limp” Lee Ashbach and his friends started this event in the town where Ashbach grew up. Originally, their idea was to ride cross country to celebrate the end of summer and enjoy what was left of the great weather. Over the years, more and more people have joined. Today, the rally attracts people in the tens of thousands.

Dozens of biker clubs, kitted out in their club’s leather jackets and vests, join on the fourth Sunday of September every year to participate in the Oyster Run. These groups come from all over Washington and the United States each year to participate in the excitement and support the event. The rally is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and certainly one of the most popular in the US.

The Oyster Run is not just for motorcyclists – it is also for supporters, volunteers, and people who want to experience the exciting vibe of a busy and bustling street! There is always live entertainment and music to be enjoyed. This year you can see music performances by the likes of The Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Drill Team, as well as a mini Bout by the Whidbey Island Roller Girls.

There will also street vendors located all over. Food, drinks, and merchandise like biking gear, clothing, and Oyster Run 2019 souvenirs can be purchased from them. Additionally, there will be many “Biker Friendly” businesses selling related paraphernalia along the way.

It’s called the Oyster Run for a reason: both grilled and raw oysters will be on sale all over for as little as $1! You will find them at both vendor stalls as well as in restaurants.

Because there is no set route, time schedule, or starting point for the Oyster Run, you will be able to enjoy these many stops along the way, whether you are a visitor or a biker.

Who Can Attend The Oyster Run 2019?

The Oyster Run is a free event that aims to support local businesses and provide fun and entertainment for people of all ages. You can sign up to be a vendor or a volunteer, or you can simply join the run wherever and whenever you feel like it, whether you are walking or riding. You also don’t necessarily need to ride a motorcycle – you can join in riding any bike of your choosing!

Every year, the Oyster Run sees all kinds of different people joining in on the festivities. Motorcycle clubs, families, and groups of friends from all over come to enjoy the event. Riding responsibly and respectfully is key!

How To Get Involved In The Festivities

Whether you are a local or traveling for the event, you will easily be able to get involved in it. Not only is the Oyster Run free, but it is also easy to join! Simply arriving on the day will allow you to participate in this awesome event.

If you are looking to find accommodation, Biker Friendly establishments include a number of hotels and inns where you can stay if you are coming from out of town – or if you’re simply making a weekend out of it! The vibe in the streets is like no other, where you can enjoy different pubs, shops, vendors, food stalls, entertainment, music, and more!

Oyster Run 2019 Information and Program


Date:                            Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Time:                            9 am to 5 pm

Place:                           12th and Commercial Street, Anacortes WA (ten blocks of Commercial Avenue are closed off for the event)


9 am to 5 pm:                vendors are set up across the run

11 am and 1 pm:           The Seattle Cossacks Drill Team (5th Street)

1 pm to 4 pm:                Live music (7th Avenue)

2 pm:                            Whidbey Island Roller Girls Mini Bout (5th Street)

See You There!

Start making your arrangements to attend the 38th Annual Oyster Run today! Join in on the fun and make it a day to remember, with camaraderie and friendly faces at every turn. Head on over on Sunday the 22nd of September for a day packed full of enjoyment, we look forward to seeing you there.