The Mount Vernon area is known for its uncommon beauty and is adjacent to a vast river delta that stretches west to the Salish Sea and greater Puget Sound region. The Skagit River delta supports a magnificent area of farmland including world-renowned flower fields that bring visitors by the tens of thousands during the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each spring.

The robust economy is supported by a mix of farming, forest products, fishing, tourism, tech, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and small businesses.

Located centrally between Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Attractive new housing communities and subdivisions near shopping and top-rated schools are available for home buyers.

Mortgage Lender

The single most important thing for you to do before beginning your new home search is to select and meet with a mortgage lender. It is important to do this for several reasons:

  1. It allows you to determine how much your monthly payment will be.
  2. It helps us (your realtor team) to know what price range we should stay within.
  3. It gives you an estimate of how much money you will need for down payment and closing costs.
  4. Most importantly, it helps us (your realtor team) to negotiate from a stronger position with the seller.

Your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

There are different ways in which you can be represented during a purchase of a new home, and none of them cost a fee as the buyer. Why do people often choose the worst form of representation? Usually due to lack of education about the process. Here are two ways you can be represented in a real estate transaction as the buyer.

  1. The Listing Agent (Good for Seller, Bad for Buyer) – This is the agent who has a written agreement to manage the sale of the seller’s home. In addition, if the agent shows you homes without being in a written buyer agreement with you, by law they are acting as a sub-agent to the seller and have fiduciary duties to the seller, not you!
  2. An Exclusive Buyers Agent (Great for Buyer) – This is the agent that has a written exclusive agreement with you and by law has a fiduciary responsibility to you. The agent must put your interests first and foremost and will provide the buyer with any material information they have about the seller.


Buying a home is an exciting process. It’s important to going into the transaction that you are aware of the costs you will incur when purchasing a home as well as what your monthly payments will be once you’re in your home.

Earnest money shows you are serious about buying a home. Usually 1 % of the sales price of the home. Made payable to the escrow company and written upon receipt of the signed contract, earnest money is applied toward your closing costs.

The Home Inspection is an opportunity to have the home thoroughly checked for existing or potential problems. Common things most inspectors will audit are foundation, attic space, electrical panel, HVAC systems, plumbing and fixtures, appliances, and more. You will receive a complete report of findings so you can decide what repairs (if any) to negotiate with the seller. The inspection is usually priced between
$350 – $450.

A Credit Check & Appraisal is generally between $0 and $600 depending on the type of loan you get approved for. Made payable to the lender shortly after acceptance of your offer.


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