Skagit Regional Heath

Welcome home to your new career.  If you’ve been considering a career change and are seeking diversity and opportunity for professional growth all in one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful settings, then Skagit Regional Health has everything you’re looking for.  Skagit Regional Health is a growing health care system in Northwest Washington operating two acute-care hospitals – Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon and Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington.  SRH also operates approximately two dozen primary- and specialty-care clinics in nine communities spread across Skagit, Island, and Snohomish counties.

Skagit Regional Health serves Northwest Washington communities as the recognized leader in advanced medical treatment, medical technology and patient-centered care.  With nearly 3,000 employees that care for patients at SRH, they are continually meeting that goal.  They are continually seeking top clinical talent across the healthcare industry to join their team, grow their clinical and service capabilities and extend the reach of their mission.

What specialties does Skagit Regional Health offer?

Skagit Regional Health offers a large number of cancer care options from early detection, specialty treatments, clinical studies and trials, advanced diagnostics, and after-care services that make it the best choice in Northwest Washington.

If you have an emergency, feel confident that you will find the right treatment.  From allergies to life-threatening illnesses, the teams at Skagit Valley Hospital and Cascade Valley Hospital offer 24 hour a day help 7 days every week.

SRH is also a leader in endoscopy services for Northwest Washington. Their highly trained staff provides advanced comprehensive services to the people across Skagit, Island and Snohomish communities without needing a trip to Seattle or elsewhere.  They perform colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and many other vital endoscopy procedures in our local community hospitals.

Beyond specialty services, Skagit Regional Health offers state-of-the-art, patient-centered clinical care.  They are expanding or opening new clinical programs to meet the acute-care, outpatient-care and population health needs of local patients.  They are continually investing in the latest medical advances and technologies, the best digital health applications, and innovative models of care delivery.

Why work at Skagit Regional Health?

If you’re looking for a world-class health system with a staff that continually raises the bar, Skagit Regional Health is just what you’re looking for.  Their commitment to excellence in patient care will keep you in a top career where you can become a recognized leader in advanced medical treatment and medical technology in the Pacific Northwest.  If you advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of the individuals with whom you work, Skagit Regional health is for you.  They share your passion to deliver the best possible care to all patients in our local communities in Northwest Washington.

The local area is family-oriented and tremendously supportive for spouses, partners, significant others and children.  Whether you’re looking for a smaller home, a luxury apartment, or something in-between, the local communities offer many housing options.  The public and private school systems are exceptional, and if you seek higher education options, there are many choices within a short distance.  You will have a multitude of options for living and playing in the Pacific Northwest.  The region is known for its hiking trails, secluded fishing, swimming areas, kayaking, and skiing.  The local economy is very strong with low unemployment, and many shopping options for clothing, food, and goods.  Many top healthcare professionals from across the country are relocating to Northwest Washington to call Skagit Regional Health their new home.  The question is, are you?

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